Embed Posts in Google Sites

One of my favorite features from #googlewave - you can now embed your posts and continue the conversation whether you are on your website, your blog, or your Google+ profile. If you use Google Sites, here's a quick tutorial on how to embed your posts in your website. 

Step 1: Edit the page and click on Insert menu >> More gadgets

Step 2: Click on "Add gadget by URL"

Step 3: Enter the gadget URL: http://www.poojasrinivas.com/plusembed.xml

Step 4: Go to the post you want to embed and click on arrow menu >> Embed post

Step 5: Copy the post URL (highlighted in the screenshot)

Step 6: Go back to Sites and paste the URL in the gadget. Optional: edit the height of the post.

Step 7: Hit OK. 

Ta dah! Your post has been embedded.  Here's what an embedded post looks like. Go ahead, add a comment :-)

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