Would you like Extras with your Hangouts?

Hangouts are one of the coolest features of Google+. But have you tried Hangouts with Extras yet? Here's a quick tutorial for you.

To start an 'extras' hangout, click on the Start a Hangout button on the right sidebar and look for the Hangouts with extras link just below the Hang out button. 

Start Hangouts with Extras

In the next screen, add a name for your hangout (optional) and add your circles (or make it public) and click on the "Start Hangout" button. 

Regular or Extras?

Comparison of Hangouts and Hangouts with Extras

Not sure whether you should go for Hangouts or Hangouts with Extras? Here's all you need to know:

- If you want to watch YouTube videos with your friends, use Hangouts

- If you want to share your screen, collaborate on docs, whiteboard stuff, use Hangouts with Extras

- If you want people to know what the hangout is about before they enter, use Hangouts with Extras. The name you enter while creating the hangout will be displayed in the invite. 

Which one are they using?

Interested in knowing if the hangouts in your stream are using Hangouts or Hangouts with Extras? Here's a quick way to find out:

If you see the message "______ is hanging out", they are using regular Hangouts. Join in and watch some videos! 


If you see the message "________ has invited you to join a hangout", they are using Hangouts with Extras.

Hangouts with Extras

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