Lonely Stream Syndrome - Not enough posts in your stream?

For those who feel G+ is too silent, huddle around for some tips on adding more noise to your stream:

Find more people to Circle: The more people you follow, the more interesting your stream will be. The Search Google+ search box on the top can be used to search just to search for people by their names but also by location or any other information they have made public in their profile. 

Search on Google+

Here are a few examples:

Note: this only shows you public info from the profiles, so if you don't want to be found on any of these terms, edit sections of your profile and set it visible to extended circles or specific circles - check this post for instructions.

Don't be shy in adding others to your circles. If you are not interested in their posts or find them too noisy, you can always un-circle them anytime you want.

Find more followers:
The more people that circle you, the more participation you'll have in your posts (since they'll be able to see your posts in their stream). And you might find some interesting folks to follow out of it.

Posting frequently and regularly seems to help build your "followers" list. Original content is the best but interesting reshares from time to time won't hurt either. Post about things that interest you (rather than trying to figure out what will get you the highest number of followers) and you'll have more fun in the process.

Just have fun!
Don't make this a chore. Don't stress out if you see too much or too less content. Try things you haven't tried yet - check out sparks, start a huddle or join a public hangout (it is a lot of fun and you meet interesting people too!)

And after all this, if your stream gets too noisy to manage (I did warn you!) check out these tips.